Bachelor Pad

It's no secret that the Internet contains a large percentage of men. For those who are seeking men, it's a great thing. One drawback is that you never know what is really behind that computer screen. These following are some of the bachelors of IRC that are a catch. Where an email address is not provided, mail Nosty , and your letter will be forwarded. Perhaps you can be the one to make a froggy geek into a prince :).


NAME: Barry S.
AGE: 30-ish.
LOCATION: San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.
FAVORITE SITE(S): Macintouch, Olestra Haiku, and Speedtrap Registry.

Barry is revered as the final authority to any Macintosh problem. He's a Macintosh Developer, who is often up late nights coding. Barry has a certain secrecy, with a witty charm. In his hours away from #macintosh, he likes to go dancing, and hiking. Barry attends many computer expos, and often travels. He's always looking for an excuse to visit Boston, MA. Physically, Barry has a thin build, and a medium height. He usually dresses informally, with "polo shirts" reserved for a dressy occasion.

Barry would prefer a Jewish woman (being a woman is required, the Jewish part isn't). Being computer literate and open-minded is a certain must. Overall, she should be serious at times, but really know when to have fun.

NAME: S.M. Weems
AGE: Mid-20's.
LOCATION: Fairbanks, Alaska, USA.
FAVORITE SITE(S): CNN, GIS Jobs Clearinghouse, and The Great Outdoors Recreation Page.

S.M. Weems takes pride in being a bachelor, as he likes to believe that he is an island. He's the type to keep a rigid schedule, and to be punctual at everything. Weems' opinions are certainly unique, which has caused him to be battered from time to time on #macintosh. He also tries to be a bit of a prankster at times. In real life (RL) you'll find him patronizing the local fast food joints. For leisure, Weems goes out into the wilderness, citing examples of cleavage and friction. The geology doesn't stop there, as Cinnabar is the red colored ore of Mercury (and I only knew of the pigment).

S.M. Weems needs a female to smack him upside the head from time to time, as he can be set in his ways. In addition, the ideal woman should have a pair of Timberlands, and survive without a hairdryer. Get his mercury to rise, and he'll pitch the tent!


NAME: Mark S.
AGE: Early 20's.
LOCATION: Pensacola, Florida, USA.
FAVORITE SITE(S): Star Trek, UFO Sightings by Astronauts, and Irving's Homepage.

Mark is a loyal, passionate man. On #macintosh he's eager to be helpful, and you might find Mark playing games against other channel ops. He also likes to explore the web sites pertaining to evidence of life on other planets. Mark is devoted to Christianity, and is a member of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship on his campus. He likes going to the beach, seeing movies, and eating at Denny's. Mark has a thin build, and medium height. He often wears shorts and knit shirts.

A woman for Mark would also have to be a Christian. She might also become friends with his mom, as Mark loves his mother's cooking.


NAME: Tristan H.
AGE: Teens.
LOCATION: Santa Cruz, California, USA.
FAVORITE SITE(S): The Music of Cyberspace,

Tris is an intelligent, and devious "little one". On #macintosh, Tris lives for ping wars against Irving. When he's lurking about, Tris can be found patching his linux box(es), or writing a perl script to dominate the planet. One of Tris' aspirations is to own a home with multiple terminals in each room. In fact, Tris' own bedroom is so cluttered with computer items, he sleeps in the closet.

The ideal woman for Tris would get him out of the house. Once coerced to leave his room, Tris enjoys rollerblading, tree houses, and super soaker fights. Tris is also adept at hiking, and being dragged around the mall.


NAME: Chad G.
AGE: Young Adult.
LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
FAVORITE SITE(S): The Lycaeum, News of the Wierd, and Internet Movie Database.

Chad tends to view the world with an offbeat perspective. He speaks with a high level of maturity, and a broad vocabulary. Chad often looks for the most bizzare items and tidbits everywhere he goes. He tells of various unusual events, adding hints of sarcasm. Chad has a flair for orgininal music, with an alternative style. Jeans and workboots are his signature, never wearing black clothing. Chad is very tall with long legs, and a thin structure.

A woman for Chad would have to live in Arizona. Someone who he can date and have interesting conversations with. Women that are busy applying hair spray and make-up need not apply for Chad. Pigtails, Hello Kitty shirts, cutesy giggles are reserved for girls, not women.