MACITOSH SYSTEM(S): LC 475 (68040 w/FPU, 730MB HD, 36MB RAM), Duo 2300c (750MB HD, 56MB RAM), Newton 110 (Clear w/4MB RAM Card).

BUBBLE TROUBLE SCORE: 85,972 on Level 15

These are the official answers to the most pressing questions about me. As you can tell, when you get a bunch of nerdy men with a woman, the topic seldom has to do with Macs.

  • [RobberBar] Nosty... where did you learn to be such a pain in the ass?
  • [RSI] Nostalgia: do you shave it?
  • [bizzy] nosty, would you shave it?
  • Rodeo Face[Rodeo] nosty: when I next get out arizona way, will you have dinner with me?
  • [mtreal] why did you pick your nick?
  • Zool Face[_Zool] Do you swallow?
  • TheBard Face[TheBard] You like big cock nos?
  • Doubting Face[doubting] Nosty: Is it worth snooping the HTML code for hidden messages?
  • [Irving] Nosty, Why do you torment your fellow #macintosher's the way you do, and who is your favorite to pick on?
  • Quigzy Face[Quigzy] Nosty: If nerd wanted to have sex with you in a public place, would you oblige him?
  • NIN Face[_NiN_] Nostalgia, Is there any correlation between shoe size and schlong size?
  • Wowbagger Face[Wowbagger] Nostalgia, what is the distinction between a slut and a nymphomaniac?
  • Dan Face[dan-] given the chance to date barry or doubting, and no one else, who would it be? This page was created on September 5th, 1995